Cassinari operates in his artistic Atelier located on the greek island of Milos in the Cyclades, where he lived for most of the year and exhibits in local art Galleries with solo exhibitions every year.

The landscapes, lights, colors and natural souls of the island of Milos have profoundly influenced the painting of Cassinari, elements can be found in its continuous search for style and color experiences.
Artistic Comment

The works of Cassinari develop through two routes: abstract painting, the main inspiration, and figurative . Two seemingly disparate paths, which are joined by emotion with which the artist approaches to both: the female is just as inspiring as the infinite shades of the sky or the sea.

Abstract painting
There comes a time in the life of an artist in which he wonders whether his research can continue indefinitely to a chimeric stylistic perfection, or cross the "threshold", get away from the reality as it is interpreted by the senses, abandoning certainties far behind their work and entering a new way to express themselves, in an attempt to represent a world that defies all understanding and representation, made up of tiny particles that exist in multiple dimensions timeless, infinite void by a path from fluctuations of energy waves: a reality that the artist can only grasp as a shudder of his soul.

Abstract painting becomes the palette Cassinari creates symphonies of color dancing to create suggestions to soul. He believes that an artist may grasp the finer vibrations of true reality in which we are immersed, not one that looks filtered by our brain but one with which our soul resonates spiritually, another dimension that you can not grasp with the mind but only through almost fleeting sensations of distant echoes, that become pure spirituality on canvas, waves of color that now change, now dissolve, now reappear. Exactly how matter and energy interact in the size of the microcosm.

Evoke feelings through shades of colors, painted in color fields or monochromatic, it is the ultimate goal of Cassinari painting. The subtle color variations between opposing color fields according to simple geometric laws are energy in motion that emerge from the chaos and take the form of masses of matter.

In short, the work of Cassinari is an attempt to represent by means of a pictorial language the leap of consciousness in front to not to be represented, to give voice to a silence that spreads and reverberates to the soul of the observer by evoking in him a subtle sudden emotion. Is the attempt to seize a piece of the mystery of who we are, fragile waves in the stormy sea of reality, fragile leaves of a single entity that pervades the entire universe.

Figurative painting
Modigliani said that the beauty of the universe is contained in the look of a woman. According Cassinari the wonder and reverence for the woman beauty coexist on the canvas with the strong emotions for the sensuality of the female body, emotions expressed by the contrast between sign and pure color, chromatic masses opposed to the almost evanescence figures.

Women are now sensual, sometimes melancholy, sometimes mysterious, but always represented with a physical intensity and a subtlety of shape to make them palpable, to emphasize the preciousness of the female body.
The sinuous lines of bodies and breasts as opposed to spot color masses of clothing and decorative details, positions and expressions of the figures represented with minimum chiaroscuro emphasizing only the details of the eyes and mouth, almost enchanted figures in their dreams, transmit vibration, mixed feelings and deep emotions.